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Zhongshan Hengsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Group, Which is a high-technology enterprise of Guangdong province. Its predecessor was Zhongshan Chinese medicine factory founded in 1984 which was restrucring in  April 2000. and then was created a new manufacturing base. Hengsheng passed GMP certification of edition 2010. Hengsheng has six dosage forms of granules, tablet, capsule, mixture (oral liquid), syrups and tea agent, and a total of 61 drug approval numbers, among which, Zhongzhi KeKe Tablet is core advantage variety, Xiaoer Qixingcha Oral liquid is the national protected traditional Chinese medicine, Jinji Granule and Jinji Tablet of six cotton brand has been the best seller for years, and Shiqi Waigan Tea, Shiqi Waigan Granule and Shenqi Oral liquid, etc., are all the national exclusive varieties or dosage forms.

Advanced production equipment, excellent production environment and perfect facilities of software and hardware are a good basis on large-scale production and operation for Hengsheng, the perfect quality assurance system provides the guarantee for product quality, and continuous research and development of new products provide the impetus of sustainable development for Hengsheng.

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