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Zhongshan Zhongzhi Chain Drugstore Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Group,  which established in 2001 is the largest pharmacy chain company in Zhongshan city, and passed the GSP certification in 2014. The company is one of the Top 100 domestic pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises. Now the company has more than two hundreds direct drugstores (including 85 designated pharmacies of social security), and a first 24 hours free drug delivery center in Zhongshan city.

The company is famous for its specialized management, and possesses a professional services team, more than 96.7% of that have the technical secondary education or above, and nearly a hundred licensed pharmacists, and at least 315 pharmacists. And the company performs unified quality management, unified purchase, unified distribution, unified brand, and unified service.

The company persists in the principle of customers first, and in carrying out the conceptions and actions of “Do not sell regret medicines”, and “customer satisfaction, we succeed”, and in principles that quality is not regret, service is not regret, safe and effective are not regret. The company was awarded much honors for years, such as “trustworthy company of price and measurement”, “the drugstore without fake drugs of ten thousands shops in hundreds cities”, “the enterprise keeping contract and being credible”, “advanced unit in social security service management”, and so on. All of these honors embody social values and social influence of the services of company.

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