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Zhongzhi Chinese medicine decoction piece co., LTD., which established in 2001, was a high-technology enterprise of Guangdong province.The workshops covering an area over8000 m2of ultra-fine granular powder of herbal medicine were designed and managed scientifically and advanced according to the purification area of grade D. The factory lines equipped with ultra-fine powder machines of TCM, one-step granulating machines, multi-column racking machine, and other advanced production equipment which are suitable for modern mass production.

The company research and produce Chinese medicine decoction piece, ultra-fine granular powder of herbal medicine, substitution tea, and so on more than 100 kinds of products of several big series. The Ultra-fine Granular Powder of Herbal Medicine has independent intellectual property rights. Raw materials of Chinese medicinal materials were planted and purchased in fixed origins, and security indicators were all controlled strictly, including heavy metals and harmful elements, pesticide residue, sulfur dioxide residue, aflatoxin and so on. Fixed-origin of Chinese medicinal materials, scales production, quality standardization and detection modernization will be lay a solid foundation for the future.

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