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The company will build planting base of Chinese medicinal materials as the first production workshop of ultra-fine granular powder of herbal medicine and other products. According to the principle of genuine, the company had built many standardized planting bases of Chrysanthemi Flos, Monordicae Fructus, Salvia miltiorrhiza Radix, American ginseng, Astragali Radix, Codonopsis Radix, etc., and the bases of wild planta tending of Epimedii Herba and other species. All the planting bases were formulated the sound management system, quality standard and standard operating procedures, and were implemented standardized management of unified seeding, unified cultivation, unified management and unified standards, and were established the management system of quality and traceability of the whole production process for Chinese medicinal materials, which all operating with standards and records. All the Chinese medicinal materials are prohibited sulfur fumigation, detected and controlled strictly pesticide residues, sulfur dioxide residues, heavy metals and harmful elements limit, all of which is to guarantee effectively the authenticity, genuineness and safety of ultra-fine granular powder of herbal medicine and other products from the source of Chinese medicinal materials.

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